Sony medium format camera talk

In a recent interview with Photolari, Sony representatives made an interesting comment about a potential Sony medium format camera:

Sony claims if they decided to launch a medium format camera they could do it, but that now is not the right time. The launch of a medium format camera would require Sony to build a new ecosystem and they are quite busy right now building out their full frame camera system. (via SonyAddict)

Sony is expected to announce new 100MP and 150MP large format BSI sensors in 2018.

Sony recently announced several new sensors, including a new 1-inch monochrome sensor.

Via SonyAddict

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  • and a new lense is created.

    • Chaitanya

      knowing its sony, this new format(if they do release it) will mean they will neglect other product segment and leave the customers in lurch.

      • spam

        A new format would of course take some resources, but the market for medium format is quite small so I can’t imagine that Sony would do anything that would hurt their main source of income (in the camera division) – the E-mount cameras and lenses.

  • decentrist

    Sony could also make a quality camera

    • Les

      They could if the pro/video division designs it. Not so sure about the consumer/still side of the house. The specs are always good, but the usability sucks.

      That’s normal for Sony. Even 30 years ago they offered great pro audio and video gear, but lousy consumer gear.

    • Zos Xavius


    • raziel28

      You should try the new α99 II, it is an excellent camera in every aspect…

  • Originaru

    It’s very simple make an RX curved medium format sensor with a fixed lens. No need to invest in any new set of lenses, just one, Zeiss is quite capable of doing it, it would be the low light king camera.

  • Daedbird

    While it would make some sense for them to build a MF platform as an expansion of their FF platform, the flip side is they would be hurting their MF sensor buyers. Unless they did some bizarre fixed lens MF product, the RD costs of a new system and loss of people to sell sensors to would not be made up for the sales….

  • Juan Mauricio Perez Perez


    • Jeffry De Meyer


    • elf11

      Please ask the nearest 8 year old how to use your computer. You’re embarrassing yourself.

  • saywhatuwill

    Cool. I’m game.

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