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Olympus Russia claims that rumors about exiting the camera market are “not true”, confirms that the company is under a major transformation in an effort to continue as a global medical company

Olympus Russia is trying to set the record straight by claiming on Facebook that the report from Business Journal Japan about Olympus being forced to exit the digital camera market is “not true”…  The entire post is not very convincing, because the first sentence right after the “not true” part states that “Currently, Olympus is undergoing a comprehensive transformation program […]

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Olympus could be forced to exit the digital camera market

Olympus could be forced to exit the digital camera market by activist shareholders – this report comes from Business Journal Japan. 43addict writes: “Many Olympus shareholders happen to be foreigners and they are starting to make headway, which could eventually lead to Olympus either discounting their camera sales or going in a fundamentally new direction.”

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Olympus executive confirmed again they will focus only on Micro Four Thirds, thinks “full-frame is kind of like a buzzword in the market”, new smaller and lighter camera coming later this year

A few quotes from a recent Dpreview interview with Aki Murata, VP of sales and marketing for Olympus America (previously he said “HECK no…” to an Olympus full-frame camera): “First of all we won’t use any other mount other than Four Thirds.” “We have three strengths: Compactness and lightweight, lens quality, and I.S. That combination […]

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Olympus Q2 financial report: revenue down, operating loss posted for Imaging Business

Olympus published their Q2 financial report – here is the relevant info for their Imaging Business:

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Poll: do you think Micro Four Thirds is dead?

I am just curious what the PhotoRumors audience thinks – is the Micro Four Thirds format dead? Here is a poll: Do you think Micro Four Thirds is dead? Related:

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PersonalView interview with Panasonic on the new L-mount

PersonalView interviewed Mr. Michiharu Uematsu, Ms. Emi Fujiwara and Mr. Taku Kariyazaki from Panasonic about the new L-Mount alliance and the future of Micro Four Thirds. Here is a recap of the interview:

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Panasonic swears they are still committed to Micro Four Thirds

PGN published another video interview from Photokina yesterday and Panasonic is still committed to Micro Four Thirds – the exact quote was “It’s still a big part of our business. We will never give up Micro Four Thirds”:

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