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Samsung NX200 registered with RRA

Samsung NX200 camera is already registered with the Korean Radio Research Agency which is a clear indication that  the camera will be released in the next month or so (see previous reports on RRA filings): Samsung NX20 model will be released in January, 2012. All previously announced and upcoming lenses are also registered with RRA:

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Samsung NX200 first impressions

First impressions of the upcoming Samsung NX200 camere were published online today on a Russian forum: “Focusing is really very nimble (not inferior Panasonic G3). NX200 looks stylish and professional, much smaller, more comfortable grip, but too small for my hand. Traditionally, high-quality screen. By design, like most of all Samsung cameras (NX100 and NX200 – heaven […]

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Samsung NX100 now discontinued

B&H now lists the Samsung NX100 mirrorless camera as discontinued. Adorama is offering a $180 instant rebate on the NX100. Samsung is trying to clear their inventory before the release of the new NX200. It seems that the second mirrorless camera, the NX20, will be delayed till January 2012. Both new models are expected to have higher pixel […]

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Samsung NX200 to be released this month, NX20 coming in January 2012

According to “Samsung Photo Consultant” from ixbt forum, the new NX200 mirrorless camera from Samsung will be announced this month and the NX20 will follow in January 2012. Both cameras are expected to have higher pixel count. There have been several hints that the Samsung NX200 and NX20 mirrorless cameras will be announced in the next […]

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Samsung is getting ready to release the NX20 and NX200 mirrorless cameras

Samsung’s Global Download Center already has added the upcoming NX20 and NX200 cameras in their models list. In the past few months Samsung was not shy about making their NX20 and NX200 plans public: see previous statements from Samsung Russia and DDaily Korea.

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Samsung NX camera prototypes

In addition to yesterday’s video, Samsung has posted several related Q&A on their website which includes also a picture of several prototype cameras. One of them has three manual dials on top. Samsung is expected to release the NX20 and NCX200 this summer and it will be interesting to see if one of them will have a […]

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Samsung NX20 and NX200 to be released this summer

Samsung Russia confirmed that two new NX mirrorless cameras will be released this year: NX20 and NX 200, which will have higher MP count then their predecessors (NX10 and NX100 have 14.6MP). Samsung is not planning any weatherproof models. Few weeks ago, a Korean website already broke the news of the upcoming NX20 and NX200 cameras. […]

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Samsung working on NX20 and NX200 mirrorless cameras

According to DDaily Korea, Samsung is working on two new mirrorless cameras: NX20 and NX200. Those will be the successors of the current NX 10 and NX100 models and are expected to be released in the first half of 2011 or latest by fall. Both cameras are reportedly in the last stage of the development process.

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