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Two Samsung NX200 related videos

First, a video of the Samsung NX200 mockup:

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First Samsung NX200 samples point again to a 20MP sensor

Few samples reportedly taken with a Samsung NX200 camera appeared on SLRclub forum: at ISO 3200 at ISO 100 The EXIF data on one of the original images show “3,648 × 5,472 JPEG (20.0 megapixels)” which confirms that the Samsunbg NX200 will have a 20MP sensor:

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This week’s announcements: Fuji X10 (X50) and Samsung NX200

There is another set of new camera announcements coming our way. In addition to Nikon, it seems that Fujifilm may announce their new X10 (or X50) on September 1st (Thursday). The new Samsung NX200 will be available for preview at the IFA show on September 2nd, so expect the announcement to be no later than […]

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Samsung NX200 will use a new battery type

According to NXseries, the upcoming Samsung NX200 camera will have a new battery: The battery of new Samsung NX200 will have a smaller size then of NX100 (NX11, NX10). Capacity will be changed: instead of 1300 mAh would be 1100 mAh (or so). The old charger is not suitable for new batteries. But it will […]

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Samsung NX200 will have a 20MP APS-C sensor

Dpreview member redcrow confirmed that the Samsung NX200 will have a 20MP APS-C sensor. The camera is expected to be announced for the IFA show in Berlin. In the past, redcrow has always been correct when it comes to providing information for upcoming Samsung products.

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Samsung NX200 to be announced during the first week of September

Samsung reportedly leaked on their own blog the planned announcement of the new NX200 mirrorless camera during the IFA show in Berlin (September 2-7, 2011):

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Even more Samsung NX200 mockups

An update to my post from two days ago: there are some new Samsung NX200 mockups published on the Korean SLRClub forum. I would not be surprised if one of those is actually the real Samsung NX200 camera:

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This is how the Samsung NX200 mirrorless camera will look

Dpreview forum member redcrow has provided numerous accurate information in the past about upcoming Samsung products. Based on his description, a SLRClub forum member created two different mockups of the upcoming Samsung NX200 mirrorless camera that is expected to be announced next month.

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