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Sony EVIL size comparison

The dimensions of the Sony NEX camera may not be exact since there were taken from previous leaks: Via Livedoor

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Sony EVIL update (NEX3 & NEX5)

First, some Sony EVIL price rumors from Korea: Sony NEX3+lens for 600,000 KRW (=US$ 536) Sony NEX5+lens for  700,000 KRW (=US$ 625) The lens could be the 18-55mm or the 16mm lens. I expect prices in the US to be lower. After the break (large images): several leaked slide-shows give us some more details about the features […]

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Sony EVIL NEX3 and NEX5 specs

Sony NEX3: Effective pixels : 14,000,000 Display scale : 3 inch HD camera support: 720p format Body type: Single power Manual operation: Full manual support Sensor type : APS-C CMOS Battery Type : Special lithium battery FW50 Memory card type : SDHC Cards / MS Memory Stick Flash Type : External Support shoe Data Interface […]

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Sony EVIL NEX3 – the first pictures

Sony is expected to announce two EVIL models on May 11th: NEX3 and NEX5. Both will have a new 14 MP Sony Exmor HD sensor. The NEX5 model will have faster fps and 1080p video, the NEX3 will have 720p video. As you can see from the picture and from previous reports, the lens is […]

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Sony EVIL camera to be cheaper than the Olympus E-PL1

Sony is expected to announce their EVIL camera on May 11, 2010. The latest rumors indicate that one of the upcoming Sony EVIL cameras will be priced lower than the Olympusw E-PL1 and 3 different lenses will be available at the launch: 16mm F2.8 18-55mm F3.5-5.6 18-200mm telephoto All lenses will be made of Chromium […]

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New Sony EVIL video

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Sony EVIL camera commercial

Update: here is the original post (Google translated): “I’m going to Germany to be recorded for a Sony Europe launching cam video of a new model. Good experience! See you in 5 days!” Alonso Diaz (Sony UK Ambassador) just came back from Germany and the rumor is that he was shooting TV commercial for the upcoming Sony […]

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Sony promises their EVIL camera for the 2010 FIFA World Cup

Sony Europe promotes the launch of a “revolutionary new ultra-compact α digital camera” for FIFA 2010 (it will take place in South Africa from from June 11 – July 11, 2010). This time frame matches with previous rumors that pointed to a possible official launch of the Sony EVIL system somewhere in May, 2010.

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