Panasonic confirms the release of a new 25mm f/1.4 lens for Micro Four Thirds

In an interview with AP, Panasonic representative today confirmed the release of a new 25mm f/1.4 lens for Micro Four Thirds cameras. The announcement is scheduled for this summer.

This lens was listed on the Panasonic's roadmap from last year as "under consideration":

Panasonic roadmap


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  • broxibear

    Is this a replacement for the Lumix G 20mm F1.7 ASPH …it’s regarded as one of the best Micro Four Thirds lenses around ?

  • adasdas

    expensive junk doing only half of what equivalent lens would do on DX

    • +1

      It’s only on FourThirds people get excited about 50mm f/2.8 equivalent primes that have aberrations of f/1.4 ones.

      Got to hand it to Olysonic marketing!

      • Note: FF* equivalent

      • Mat

        Having low light capabilities without having a thin depth of field is a good thing, not a bad thing. Go check famous photographs of the past decade, report back with how many thin DoF shots you see.

        Exactly. Shallow DoF is overrated and mostly something amateurs fap over.

  • ZDP-189

    It’s the only M4/3 25mm AF fast prime I know of. Maybe it’s a reasonable choice of you are starting out with a 14mm F/2.5 kit lens and want to add a fast normal. Personally, I’d rather keep my 20mm F/1.7.

    Mr.Reeee on 43rumors commented that Oly and Lumix should offer an ala carte deal on body + 1 lens, instead of selling kits.

  • A 25mm f/1.4 lens sound awesome. 🙂

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