Some more Pentax rumors (full frame DSLR, mirrorless camera)

The Pentax full frame DSLR and mAPS-C mirrorless camera rumors are back. I received several new tips on those products.

After it got acquired by Ricoh, Pentax is reportedly determined to provide a full range of cameras, including a new full frame DSLR and the upcoming K-01 APS-C mirrorless camera. A Ricoh representative  recently said that they “will plug a gap in the market” in 2012. The full frame Pentax camera is rumored to be announced later in 2012 (either in May or for Photokina in September).

The new Pentax K-01 mirrorless camera is supposed to be build like a brick, literally - you should be able to place on a table in landscape or portrait position without a tripod. Pentax has said in the past that they like to do things differently:

"if we decide to do something in this respect has to be different, and it is not easy in the current context, to do something that is different and good…”

All Pentax FA lenses will work on the new K-01 with the exception of few models.

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  • Where are the “new” tips? This looks like links to four of your old tips.

    • the tip is that there will be a full frame Pentax DSLR plus the details about the mirrorless camera, the old links were just for reference

      • Mark

        This is coming right after a few Pentax reps at CES strongly inferred that full frame was NOT in the works. I’m not so sure. The mirrorless solution I could believe is true though…

        But my question is why? With Ricoh owning Pentax I see no reason why Pentax would bother with mirrorless when Ricoh could completely cover that market. They already do with the GXR, all they need is a K mount modual.

        I could however see the point of a mirrorless 645D, but even then one of the nice things about medium format is the huge optical finder…

        Sometimes I wonder what these Japanese product development managers think they know, that we don’t know about what will sell.

  • Dan

    I thought that the “gap in the market” was supposed to be Ricohs dedicated B&W compact. Has that changed?

  • lynn

    what a genius idea. now instead of carrying around tripods, we will have to carry around a table. since it will not remotely be ergonomic.

  • When you say All Pentax FA lenses will work on the new K-01 with the exception of few models, do you mean AF (and FA was a typo) or do you mean that the Pentax-FA line of lenses will autofocus?

  • D0n

    sounds perfect to me.
    built like a brick— by an industrial designer… I suspect it will draw inspiration from apple’s macbook pros…machined from a solid aluminum block….. that means it could easily be weather sealed! also means that like the 645d, it probably has tripod mounts on the bottom and side…

    no built in evf, means optional evf or optical finders…most pro’s doing video with d-slrs are using Marshal or similar separate monitors anyways.. build it up or down depending on your shooting needs… nice!

    keeping the k-mount is great… some compatibility for older lenses possibility of building new lenses that are small enough to sit recessed into the body (who other than Pentax has a rich history of miniaturizing cameras and lenses?)

    if it can shoot 2 hrs of video without overheating (the unibody aluminum macbooks body works like a giant heat sinc to help cool the computer for eg) and can match the k5 for still image quality… people will learn to love it, even if some french magazine writer thinks it’s ugly.

    • (who other than Pentax has a rich history of miniaturizing cameras and lenses?)

      Can you say Olympus?


      Minolta? (110 & 16mm)

  • sgts

    any word on specs ??

  • Mark

    Well Hasselblad’s look like a brick. Maybe they got somebody to make them a square sensor K mount SLR, with a top mounted EVF…

    A guy can dream…

    • Harold Ellis

      or back mounted EVF…

  • WT21

    I’m looking for a compact FF camera. Something at least in the Rebel body size, if not a Fuji X100 body size. It will be interesting to see what they do. I don’t think they’ll be successful if it’s a FF the size of the 5D or Nikon offerings. Those already exist.

    • inteliboy

      Agreed. The first out of the gate to release a semi-compact ff camera is going to rake in the $$$ – be it an affordable m9 equivalent or something like an fm2n.

  • Daedbird

    If this rumor is true, this is like the dream combo for a photog like me. I would love a FF or successor to K5 be my primary rig, with the ML ( I am not calling it the K-01) as my secondary/backup/travel camera. Because it takes most FA or AF lenses, I can put the old kit lenses I have on it, and have a small rig for travel.

  • just when i got my X10 . Though I have the K-x… I just wish Pentax will really make a good small mirrorless camera cause the Pentax Q was really just a toy.

  • loco

    Anybody still shooting pentax ?

  • joe

    Nobody is still shooting pentax. The K-5 , 645D etc are used by robots.

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