Pentax 645z medium format camera US price: $8,500

A quick update on my post from yesterday - the US price of the Pentax 645z medium format camera will be $8,496.95. FIY: the previous 645 version costed $10,000 when it was announced back in 2010 (now it is listed for $6,996.95).

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  • Warpig


  • sperdynamite

    HOLY SHIT that is an amazing price. Admin you should also note that the complete line of lenses for this system are still in production and will soon be finally on sale in the United States! Read about it on Pentax Forums.


    If Pentax / Ricoh are making a profit out of this, then Hasselblad and PhaseOne have been stealing from their customers (and still are) BIG TIME!

    • Alex

      Of course they will be making a profit out of this.

      • Alex

        (the message above is incomplete – continuing)
        I’d say this is actually a normal price; but it might not be possible for Hasselblad and PhaseOne. With higher volume product ranges, Ricoh Imaging can share R&D costs, electronic components (K-3’s hardware), distribution, marketing, production space etc.

  • Larry

    Viva Ricoh Pentax 🙂

  • Kynikos

    Very reasonably priced.

    If I ever go MF, this is what I’m buying.

  • Balthazar

    Can I expect a 1000$ FF after that? spec-ed like the 5D3? I’ll take two, thanks, pentax 🙂

    • Seriously, I am looking to drop a couple grand soon on a setup, but it has to be full frame. It would be nice to be able to use my pentax lenses (28, 50, 85, and 135).

  • Mike

    Do any Pentax lenses have leaf shutters?

    • Neopulse


      • Steelski

        Yep. they are 6×7 lenses, built for the bigger beast, but they work with an adapter.

        • Neopulse

          That I did not know, but then again I think the Pentax is capable of high speed sync with it’s focal plane shutter.

    • Alan

      There were 2 manual focus 645 leaf shutter lenses at one
      time, may be some available s/hand occasionally. 75/2.8 & 135/4 if memory serves.

  • Neopulse

    Quite crazy this price, even at 10k it would have sold and been reasonable. I wonder what they are going for? The jugular it seems of the competition.

  • frank

    If the price reduction is any indication of what may happen 4+ years from now, I could possibly see myself upgrading from my current 645D at that time. However, the current set of features just isn’t enough for me to pull the trigger on this iteration. Had I been just getting into digital and was deciding between, say, a D800E or the 645Z, it’s a no brainer that the 645Z is the obvious choice for what I do. But then again, the D800 does some things better, so having both isn’t out of the question; it’s just a matter of which do I need a shovel or backhoe.

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