The new Pentax 645z medium format camera will shoot 4k video, announcement on April 14th

In addition to full HD (1920x1080 @ 60i and 30p in H.264), the upcoming Pentax 645z medium format camera will also have 4k video recording capabilities (3840 x 2160).

The Pentax 645z specifications can be found here. The official announcement will be on April 14th.

The upcoming Leica S medium format camera is also rumored to have 4k video recording capabilities.

Update: the US price of the Pentax 645z medium format camera will be $8496.95. FIY: the previous 645 version costed $10,000 when it was announced back in 2010 (now it is listed for $6,996.95).

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  • If it has a decent codec and rolling shutter equivalent/or better than Mark II this will be an amazing feature.

    • You mean the (5D) mkIII? The mkII is awful for video. It’s adoption was a fad.

      • Oggy

        ML raw changed all that

      • sperdynamite

        Yeah EOS cinema never took off…didn’t change the whole game at all.

  • Mike

    IMAX at home and studio. Amazing.

  • johnny

    Not bad. Shooting HD video with medium format lenses is quite amazing.

  • It is an interesting moment – basically all new MF cameras, released in relatively same time, will have identical sensors. Only things to deferentiate are 1. lenses 2. body types (modular like hassy of Phase 1 OR non-modular like Pentax and Leica)

    • Bossa

      And the price…. 😉

    • Boris

      … and the secret sauce is also in the firmware/algorithms.

  • fjfjjj

    Waiting for mirrorless 645 that handles like a Mamiya 7.

    • Rawr

      Yeah hope Sony will make that rumored mirrorless medium format cam

    • maciek zych

      And will use great, great, great Mamiya 7 lenses!

      • sperdynamite

        The Mamiya 7 lenses might not perform too well on digital given how short flange lenses do on FF in the 135 world. Seems like modern designs or distagon type lenses are needed to angle the light the right way.

    • veteran

      Like you know anything about how a Mamiya 7 handles. Show us some photos.

      • Flavio

        Do you have problems at home? Hard childhood? There are psychologists that could help you, you know? Maybe ask mom to finally teach you some manners, now that you are at it…

  • Duncan Dimanche

    ummm shallow deft of field will be very hard to pull focus….
    I don’t think that they make medium format with a f1.4…..

    • sperdynamite

      Hasselblad 110 f2 or Mamiya 80mm 1.9 both adaptable to this camera.

    • wolf

      There’s a Delft 112mm f1.4 and Wild Heerbrugg 98mm f1.4 aerial lens for MF.

  • malchick743

    SD card usage is a bummer… should also come with proper CF slots

    But anyway let’s hope this one does have real 16bit A/D

    • Mistral75

      The Sony sensor has 14bit A/D converters.

  • TinusVerdino

    Internally or Externally? When 60i HD is the best it can do it probably has the prime III processor. So probably it can output a 4k stream over HDMI (and then why can’t the K-3?).

  • Oggy

    Nice. Bring on the 4K revolution!

  • Nacho

    K3 make 4k videos…..but samplin fotos taken whith the intervalometro

  • sperdynamite

    Please be the same price as the first one oh please oh please oh please, The world doesn’t need another 20+k camera for rich dorks and mega studios.

  • vasras

    1920 in 60 interlaced frames?

    LOL, this is 2014, Pentax.

    What a joke for a videographer tool.

    • Warpig

      That would be “1080 at 60 interlaced frames” in videographer slang. The joke is on you. Also, you must remember this is a photographic tool.

  • Doug Peterson

    $20 says this rumor is straight up wrong. No 4k video on the upcoming Pentax.

    • Are you going to come back here on announcement day with a $20 bill?

      • Doug Peterson

        I’ll gladly enter into a contract to send $20 by paypal to you or the charity of your choice. Provided you’re willing to enter into the reverse of that contract :).

        • Ok, the devil is in the details – I said that the 645z will have 3840×2160 video recording capabilities. Native 4k by definition is 4096×2160 but 3996×2160 is also considered as 4k:

          • Doug Peterson

            I’m not talking about the fine-print. I’m saying the rumor is flat out wrong. We can make the bet [anything larger than 3k x 2k video at more than 20fps].

          • Doug Peterson

            Perhaps the camera will allow a time lapse mode which composites the final video for you which is 4k (as a gentlemen named Radu has suggested on another forum). That would be time lapse still capture with automatic video compositing in camera, not 4k video capture. There will be no 4k video capture in the way any videographer would recognize it.

          • Yes, that’s what I am afraid of – it could be some marketing gimmick that they call 4k.

    • From the press release:

      It even provides interval video recording of 4K-resolution images (3840 x 2160 pixels; in Motion JPEG or AVI video format) to add a new dimension in creative imaging.

      • Doug Peterson

        Yeah exactly – it doesn’t “shoot 4k video”, it just stacks your still images from a timelapse for you.

        No professional is going to use this mode, except for in immediate-turn-around situations as you’d want greater control over the processing of the individual frames and the manner in which they are composited.

        It’s a consumer feature (a statement of market intention, not an insult – to be clear it’s a cool/fun/nice consumer feature) but it is not 4k video or intended to target the professional video market.

  • jeffp3456

    this thing is going to be a beast!

  • Predrag Vranić

    I cannot believe the boketards are already moaning at f/1.4 on this sensor size.. I’d buy this one so that I could stop those lenses more down than what 135 format allows snd get away with duffraction in prints.

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