Rumored Panasonic GH5, LX10 and LX15* camera specifications

This is an updated list (see my previous post) on what to expect from Panasonic for the 2016 Photokina show based on some new information I just received:

Panasonic GH5

  • With 6k video
  • 4k photo (will be 18.5 MP)
  • Focus stacking

Panasonic LX10

  • This will basically be a baby LX100 camera
  • 1" sensor
  • No optical of electronic viewfinder
  • Fast f/1.4 lens
  • 4k video
  • Focus stacking
  • Aimed to compete directly with the Sony RX100IV

Panasonic LX15*****

  • A new model with the code name DMC-LX15 ***** was recently registered at the Russian official government agency Novocert. I believe this will be a new Panasonic long zoom camera with MFT sensor and 25-420mm lens - basically a big brother to the FZ-300 camera.
  • Focus stacking (from now on all new cameras will have this feature)

Panasonic is expected to announce their new products right before Photokina (the show starts on September 20th).

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  • Joey

    So the LX10 is the true successor to the LX100? They’re abandoning the larger sensor for the smaller 1″?

    • I think they will keep both lines: the LX100 will have the larger 4/3 sensor while the LX10 will have the smaller 1” sensor.

      • Joey

        Good to hear. So the LX100 successor is likely to be announced post Photokina?

        • No idea about that, I only got info about those three cameras (GH5, LX10 and LX15*).

          • Joey

            And we greatly appreciate all you post for us. Keep up the great work.

          • LX10 looks like the LX7 replacement/upgrade. LX15 is hard to figure out but more of a variation on the FZ1000 with a larger sensor. Maybe a more compact form factor?? LX100 replacement/upgrade to come later? Just a few more days and we will know.

          • Exactly, this is the info I got.

      • ZMWT

        So they won’t use APS-C sensor for the next LX100? Using state of the art 24MP APS-C sensor in a small camera with a variety of crop options would be in one word — sensational.

        • BP2012

          Ricoh GR III

          • ZMWT

            Is Ricoh doing anything about GR? GR with zoom?

          • jar_jar_

            They’ve been on a two-year release cycle for the last couple GRs. Going by that, the next GR will probably come out Spring 2017. A zoom GR seems unlikely, since the GR has been a prime lens only camera for 20 years. They did make an APSC GXR with a zoom, but I doubt Ricoh wants to revisit the GXR line ever again, and that camera/module was big and bulky compared to a GR..

        • I don’t know about the LX100 replacement – maybe it won’t happen at Photokina.

        • Spy Black

          The LX100 was never that smart of an idea. It was a waste of an M4/3 sensor. Compare it to Panasonic’s own GM5. The GM5 is smaller, yet has an M4/3 sensor and makes use of all of it, and it shows in the image quality

    • Athanasius Kirchner

      I don’t have any way to know this, but I get the impression that the LX100 wasn’t a big hit. Panasonic might’ve decided to change to 1″ as the comparisons between the RX100 and the LX100 didn’t favor the latter very much sensor-wise. The Exmor chip is probably cheaper, and much more powerful for video. Makes for a smaller camera too.

      • Les

        I don’t think there’s much demand for a point-and-shoot that asks you to select your aspect ratio, or for ultra-compressed 4K video. Those features look good on the specs sheet, but they won’t convince anybody to take out their wallet.

        • Joey

          LX100 is a more advanced camera than some extra considering the true point and shoot Canon G7X or Sony RX100 series.

      • Drazen B

        “I get the impression that the LX100 wasn’t a big hit..”

        Quite contrary. At least judging by the sales numbers, stores with LX100 on back-order and the faithful following of many a photog this model managed to capture.

    • tyger11

      What I’ve read is that the LX10 is the successor to the LX7, and the LX15 (or possibly LX150) is the successor to the LX100. Based on sensor size. We’ll see soon enough.

      • Joey

        Did you read this:

        “A new model with the code name DMC-LX15 ***** was recently registered at the Russian official government agency Novocert. I believe this will be a new Panasonic long zoom camera with MFT sensor and 25-420mm lens – basically a big brother to the FZ-300 camera.”

      • The LX15* will be a super-zoom camera, I don’t think it will be the successor of the LX100. I have no info about a LX100 successor.

    • Milan

      I do not think it will be a problem. In fact, LX100 is using only 1.2″ area from its 1.33″ (4/3″) sensor (thanks to multi-aspect nature of it). Therefore, the difference is not so enormous.

      Moreover, when the wide angle is used, it uses only 1.1″ area but it has to be said that these corrections are usual also with 1.0″ cameras and thye are also not using the whole 1.0″ area.

  • Jarret O’Shea

    Focus stacking could be really neat if it’s done well. I’m entirely too lazy to do it the right way.

  • Chaitanya

    So unlike Canon, Panasonic seems to be keeping everything under iron curtain with more success.

    • Joey

      More success? LOL true, but flat out success to begin with and superior execution. Actually bringing to market what consumers are interested in.

  • ZMWT

    What is focus stacking?

    • Tolot

      noob…. play with your smartphone camera.

    • A number of photographs are taken with the same framing but with different focus points. The individual images are then ‘stacked’ in software to produce an image with a greater depth of field than any one of the original images. It can be useful in macro photography where the depth of field is typically very shallow even with small apertures. Lenses can be at their sharpest a stop or two down from maximum aperture and this technique allows use of the lenses at that aperture instead of much smaller ones.

      • Spy Black

        Hopefully the stacking is automated and REALLY fast.

        • Right now it will be a fast series of images, each at a slightly different focal length. You can then select the image that is most precise in focus. I am guessing you could stack all the images in an external program. Sounds like Panasonic is working to enable in camera automated stacking, but it may be a later firmware update if not perfected in time for the initial release. Just one more great tool for those who need it. Olympus is also working along the same lines. Because this requires new hardware processing engines and improved heat management it is not likely to be able to be part of prior cameras via firmware update. But who knows for sure right now.

          • Spy Black

            Well, the important thing is to be able to shoot rapidly while ensuring overlapping focused areas. It’s crital when trying to capture (for instance) insects in a macro setup in the wild. Stacking in post is not a big deal, the initial acquisition is.

  • David

    OK, I’m about as far from “in the know” as you could probably get, but this LX15 rumor seems out there. And the naming convention makes no sense.

    FX300 – 1/2.3″ sensor, FZ1000 – 1″ sensor, LX15 – 4/3 sensor?

    And this wouldn’t be the FZ300’s big brother, it would the FZ1000’s REALLY BIG brother. Compare the FZ300 / FZ1000 and G7 m4/3 body with either the Panasonic 100-300 or new 100-400 that are f/4- 5.6 or 6.3.


    Could someone elaborate on this?
    “4k photo (will be 18.5 MP)”
    What will be 18.5MPx, the sensor? So we’re getting a new sensor, but with lower resolution than the one in the GX8?

    • No, I think this is the size of the 4K photo.


        Shouldn’t it be around 8 MPx then?
        I guess we’ll have to wait and see…

        • Not sure, this is the tip I got – maybe something got lost in translation.

        • If as some rumors indicate that the GH5 will be 20mp sensor and use full sensor or nearly full sensor when filming (no crop factor for 4k video) then downsize to 4k, then photos taken while filming might be an actual 18.5 mp or in 4k photo mode could produce 18.5 mp images after processing. In full still mode it would still use the full 20mp sensor. That is just a guess though, not inside knowledge.


            But then, this is 6K isn’t it?
            If they really do include 6K video recording, then the 18.5 MPx frame grabbing makes sense and it’s very handy, it’s just not 4K – It’s 6K!

          • 6k photo but not video is what I saw elsewhere. 4k video but processed down from a full frame instead of a direct crop. Sony has done this in the past with good success. So no significant crop factor for 4k unlike before. But it takes a lot of processing power to handle that real time. In 6K photo mode it is shooting rapid frames but not processing them or minimal processing for stills not actual video. Of course these are all still rumors and speculation. We will know the facts in a few days. While I find rumors interesting, I don’t get bothered by them as they often miss crucial details. 2 sources for rumor sites report 4K video but the ability to shoot 6K in photo mode. I would guess stills from 4k would still be 8mp. But that is again, only a guess. All the reliable sources say 4K video but 6K Photo mode. (high frame rate like video but not interlaced as video would be.) They must have really beefed up the buffer for storage if any of this is true. That is good.


            Even so, if it can do 18+ MPx at 30fps for a few seconds, it would be great.

  • Camaman

    LX15 finally sounds like 90% needs covered camera and while that is cool, to 80% people it could be a single camera/lens package to be sufficient for all their needs.
    Down go the sales and development of other aspects of the m43 system.
    So in some way this is a possible m43 death blow/shot in the foot kinda move

    • Joey

      Sounds nice, but likely too bulky for a single camera/lens package.

  • Mike

    36mp! Oh the storage! But I want 6k video! Lol

  • Joey

    Interesting…so it sounds like they are doing what Nikon was trying…multiplelargersensor cameras but Nikon never got their act together. So something like:

    LX10 – true LX7 successor
    LX15 or LX150 – likely slower lens, but wide focal length
    LX20 maybe – LX200 successor big sensor, shorter fast lens.

    • Greg

      lx200 successor? wait what?

      • Drazen B

        He got a little ahead of himself there 😉

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