Fuji wants to capture 50% of the emerging mirrorless market in 2 years

FujiAddict found an interesting interview with Fujifilm India Managing Director Yasunobu Nishiyama published by the Times of India:

"Within the mirrorless market, we would like to have around 50 per cent share in a span of at least two years.

In this, mirrorless segment had the highest growth of 300 per cent. In 2015-16, it was total 7,900 units and was 32,500 in 2016-17.

Even in 2017-18, we are expecting a sales of 3.5-4 lakh units of professional and DSLR cameras in which 10 per cent would be mirrorless."

In another recent interview, company's executives claimed that Fujifilm went from 14-15% to 20% global mirrorless market share. I have not seen any independent third party reports to confirm this claim. Marketing departments (such as Sony) sometimes like to pick and choose the stats they quote online.

Fujifilm was not listed in any of the BCN camera rankings for 2015, 2016 or any other year:

BCN award mirrorless camera market share 2016:

  1. Olympus 26.8
  2. Canon 18.5%
  3. Sony 17.9%

If anyone has some meaningful data on Fujifilm's market share, please post it in the comments section.

Via FujiAddict

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  • TurtleCat

    I would like to have a 50% return on my investments. I have about the same likelihood of success.

  • Spy Black

    The emergence of Canon and Nikon mirrorless cameras will change that number. If anything Fuji will wind up having 50% of whatever is left over.

    • I think Fuji makes nice cameras and lenses. I have owned a few of them but they were not good enough for me to keep them. This of course was a few years ago and they have improved a lot since, but I still think Fuji is still struggling with their market share. They spend a lot on R&D and I don’t think they are getting much back.

      • Zos Xavius

        They need to ditch xtrans. It offers no benefit over Bayer.

  • fanboy fagz

    yea, good luck with that..its always nice to dream

  • Jukeboxjohnnie

    Dream on Fuji, I’m saving now for the pro Canon mirrorless when it comes

  • ZMWT

    That means, every second camera thrown on the landfills, for which taxpayers are paying for keeping, will be Fujifilm’s? Excellent ‘strategy’ Fujifilm! You are already walking the royal way to do it, by issuing senseless and pointless camera models every other month.

  • Licheus

    Far more realistic than Samsung.

  • Well, then maybe have more lenses with stabilization, introduce sensor stabilization, get on Canon DualPixel AF C-AF level, have third parties use the electronics with EF lenses on adapters, have a touchscreen, make it able to face forwards (vari-angle (because flip-down is inconvenient and flip-up could be blocked by a hotshoe accessory), have all audio interfaces on the body itself (mic-in/headphone out!) & be able to record F-Log internally are amongst the things on the wishlist…

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