The Pentax 645Z got a DxOMark score of 101

DxOMark officially published their test results of the Pentax 645Z medium format camera. Here is their conclusion:

It’s clear from our testing that the Pentax 645Z’s sensor is extremely capable, coming within a whisper of matching the performance of the Hasselblad X1D sensor (our highest-scoring sensor to date). The 645Z’s high dynamic range and color sensitivity make it ideally suited for capturing the types of scenes that are traditionally favored by medium-format photographers — landscapes, weddings, portraits, and still lifes (commercial). Medium-format shooters are interesting capturing images with lots of detail, low noise, and smooth tonal gradations.

In addition, the Pentax 645Z controls noise well, making it suitable for use in relatively low light, and perhaps expanding the range of conditions in which medium-format cameras are traditionally used.

It’s interesting to compare the Pentax 645Z sensor against the Nikon D850’s because although the former is about 1.7x larger, it’s also around three years older. While the 645Z beats the Nikon sensor in our tests, the Nikon comes closer than you might expect, given the size difference. If Sony made a medium-format sensor with the same design as the D850, it would beat the sensors in both the Pentax 645Z and the Hassleblad X1D-50c.

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Pentax 645z scored 101 at DxOMark?

Via PentaxRumors

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  • outkasted

    Just wanted to say FIRST!!! Oh Yeah shout out to Pentax!

  • CG462

    Does Fuji not supply them with cameras to test?

    • They stopped testing Fujifilm when the X-Trans Color-Filter-Array was introduced. Although the GFX-50S does not use one, so we can hope that it will be tested some day.

      • TurtleCat

        It will likely be and I imagine the results will be very similar to the others sharing the same sensor.

  • It would have been awesome to have those results published 3 years ago when the camera was new, then the rest would have spent three years catching up to something that lead by a high margin. Now, it got close to the top but there are several models up there.

    • Yes, very strange.

      • Zos Xavius

        Hardly strange. They decided to stop reviewing it after it got that score? That’s highly suspect. I don’t buy their excuses.

        • Well they reviewed it and published the score and then removed it. The score was the same, so there was no problem with their test. I agree that their excuse is weak.

        • A. F.O.

          If I remember right dpreview needed a lot of time to get the D810 review….and their excuses were very very weak….something like they need to get new standards etc to get a real full review….I didn’t buy it.

          • Zos Xavius

            Nope. And they are talking about sony’s new pixel shift like its the greatest thing since sliced bread. Nevermind that Pentax did it first and it took them 6 months to review the K-1.

          • RC Jenkins

            I believe Olympus did ‘pixel shift’ before Pentax.

          • Zos Xavius

            Possibly, but their method was somewhat different. They increase resolution where the pentax and sony methods just basically increase clarity and color depth. edit: yeah the om-d was first i think you are right.

          • oneguy

            And haselblad was before both on a MF camera

  • RC Jenkins

    Funny, the 645z only got a Jenkins score of 45 score units.

    Both scores take some objective facts into account but end up being subjective conclusions based on made-up & secretive unscientific formulae with various weights that may or may not be relevant to a photographer.

    The conversion factor between the Jenkins score & DxOMark score is simple: it’s the same as the conversion factor between leprechauns & unicorns.

    • Zos Xavius

      I give it a Zos Score of 11. My testing methods are bulletproof. 😉

  • Elbert Jan Achterberg

    What’s interesting is that both medium format bodies beat the fx camera because of high iso performance. Dynamic range and colour depth are basically the same. All we’re seeing is the lower noise of bigger pixels. I wonder how relevant high iso performance is for MF shooters.

    • Fly Moon

      And the funny part is that they call it “Sports”. Those MF cameras do like 2-3 FPS!!

  • Zeneize

    For those of us who are completely devoid of common sense: the Nikons are the worst of those cameras for sports, the Sonies are better and the Hasselblad is the best. Talk about “fake news”. Sigh.

    • oneguy

      The sport score is just low light score

      • Zeneize

        Why don’t they write it then? Are they too afraid of being taken seriously?

  • dbltax

    Pretty good, only 7 points behind the Red Helium.

    • oneguy

      Red raws are cooked. The score is inflated

  • Daedbird

    Let’s face it, there are a lot of business moves with DXO and when they announce scores….like holding the iPhone, then releasing a day before the Pixelphone, which was a partner….

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