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Kenko to unveil their interchangeable lenses digital camera tomorrow (C-mount) *UPDATED*

Update: Here is diagram of the new Kenko C-mount camera system and its compatibility with other products (click on image for larger view) – it seems that Keno will release a C-mount adapter for existing Tokina lenses: This camera was supposed to be shown at Photokina, but the prototype got lost… DCWatch now reports that this mirrorless camera […]

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Tokina to show a new 400mm f/6.3 lenses

Remember the Tokina AT-X 17-35mm f/4 PRO FX lens prototype that nobody covered during Photokina 2010? Tokina will show the same lens again at the CP+ Show in Japan together with a new Kenko 400mm f/6.3 super telephoto lens: Tokina did produce a 400mm f/6.3 lens in the past. Update: the 400mm f/6.3 lens will […]

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The new Kenko digital camera with interchangeable lenses prototype got lost on its way to Photokina

Kenko is best known for its photography equipment accessories and converters (they also produce camera lenses under the Tokina brand name). Kenko was suppose to display a prototype of their new digital camera with interchangeable lenses at Photokina, but the prototype… got lost (?)… so they only had few pictures to show: Specs after the break:

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