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This time for real: the Sony A-mount is dead

The Sony A-mount has been dead for a while even though back in 2017 Sony assured us that they will continue to develop A-mount cameras and lenses. A Dpreview forum member noticed a week ago that all Sony A-mount cameras are quietly removed from Sony’s website and from B&H Photo. Most A-mount lenses are also out of […]

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Sony announced a new LA-EA5 lens adaptor for A-mount lenses

Sony really wants to use your A-mount lenses with an E-mount camera and they even announced a brand new adapter for that purpose. Check pricing and availability at Adorama and B&H. From the press release:

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Sony: we will continue to develop A-mount cameras and lenses

Here is another recap from SonyAddict of a recent Focus Numerique interview with Sony:

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Sigma and Tamron may stop releasing Sony A-mounts lenses in the future

A reader recently talked to a Sigma rep who unofficially confirmed that Sigma will not produce any Sony A-mounts lenses in the future. B&H currently lists 21 Sigma lenses for Sony A-mount. I was also told that Tamron may also stop releasing A-mount lenses unless that segment picks up (so far there is no A-mount version […]

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Is the Sony A-mount dead? Will there be a Sony a99 camera successor?

Every few months I receive a tip about the end of the Sony A-mount. At the same time rumors about a mystical successor of the Sony a99 camera are being reported by questionable sources/websites. Is the Sony A-mount dead? I think so. Many Sony fans will disagree and I understand this. Yes, Sony did announce the […]

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Sony still comitted to the A mount

In a recent interview with focus-numerique, Sony confirmed (again) their commitment to their own A mount:

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Sony A-mount is not dead, new a68 camera (ILCA-68) announced

I have been critical to Sony for abandoning their A-mount users and today, just like with the RX1R replacement, I was proven wrong: Sony announced a new a68 camera with a (plastic) A mount, translucent mirror and 4D FOCUS system. I am now also pretty sure that they will even come with a6000 replacement. The new […]

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Sony confirms again that they are committed to A-mount

In a new interview with dpreview, Sony’s product manager Kenta Honj confirmed again that they are committed to the future of A-mount (at 30:38 mark). Similar comment was made also in another recent interview after Sony UK made a comment that there are not plans for A-mount camera.

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