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Carl Zeiss presents the Distagon T* 2/25 ZE and ZF.2

The previously rumored Carl Zeiss Distagon T* 2/25 lens is now official ($1,699.00). Full press release and samples:

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PDN PhotoPlus Expo 2011 in New York

Throughout the day I will be uploading pictures from the PDN PhotoPlus Expo 2011 in New York to this flickr set: For the Nikon booth check

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Olympus chairman and president Tsuyoshi Kikukawa resigns

Olympus chairman and president Tsuyoshi Kikukawa resigned today after the company stock got hit hard based on fraud accusations made by the former CEO Michael Woodford. Tsuyoshi Kikukawa issued an apology but still denied any wrong doing. You can see the official statement from Olympus here. Via Bloomberg

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Now the FBI is investigating the huge fee Olympus paid

From NYTimes – now the FBI is investigating the questionable Olympus deal: The F.B.I. is now investigating the $687 million payment, according to two people briefed on the case. The focus of the investigation is not yet clear, and a spokesman for the F.B.I. in New York, James M. Margolin, declined to comment. “We are not aware of […]

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Fijifilm Finepix X roadmap

The Brazilian website ztop published this Fijifilm Finepix X roadmap. The new Fuji X mirrorless interchangeable lens camera is listed for February, 2012. Not clear if this is the announcement or release date. Prototypes of the new camera are expected to be shown at the 2012 CES show in January.

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Canon updates

Because of the floods in Thailand, Canon expects their annual sales to be cut by 50 billion yen (around 660 million USD). Engadget has a hands on with the new Canon EOS-1D X:

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New Hasselblad H4X body coming soon

Captureintegration got the scoop on a new H4X body that briefly appeared on Hasselblad’s website: “The H4X provides a fantastic successor or upgrade to your H1 or H2/H2F body and supports all H System lenses, most third party backs*, and even features a film back option. The H4X also provides a technological bridge to our faithful […]

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Update: Panasonic GX1 to be announced on October 28th

There was some confusion in my previous post on the release date of the new Panasonic GX1. I received some new information and it seems that a new Panasonic camera will be announced on October 28th, 2011 (Panasonic likes to make announcements on Friday for some reason).

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