Impress magazine 2013 predictions: new Foveon, X-Trans sensors, NEX camera, all full frame


Every year the Japanese magazine Impress published their predictions on what product they expect the major camera manufacturers to introduce in the upcoming year (you can see their 2012 predictions here). Here is a recap of their 2013 prognosis (PDF file):

  • Olympus: E-5 successor (read more here)
  • Canon: smaller and better Rebel/Kiss model, new high-resolution compatible lenses, expansion of mirrorless EF-M lenses
  • Sigma: new full frame Foveon sensor, development of monochrome sensor, mirrorless system camera (Sigma has publicly denied to have any plans for a mirrorless camera)
  • Sony: full frame NEX camera (expected after the release of the RX1), miniaturization of the E-mount lenses, fast hybrid AF
  • Nikon: D800 sized body with the sensor from the D4, lineup of DX lenses, performance improvement in the D7000 replacement
  • Fujifilm: new X mirrorless camera, improved CMOS full-size X-Trans sensor (I doubt this will happen, see this post)
  • Pentax: new full frame camera, moire removal function in the camera, new Ricoh branded camera

Please note that those are just educated guesses from the editors of the magazine, not confirmed products.

If anyone has a better translation, please email me or post in the comments section (above translation via digicame-info).

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  • ShaoLynx

    If the Nikon prediction materialises, I’ll keep my D800-setup but upgrade my D700-setup to a mini-D4-setup. Sounds freaking awesome!
    What you say, Peter?

    • Nikon never released a D700 styled body with the sensor form the D3s. I am a bit doubtful they will do it this time around (they should, but I think they are afraid that their D4 sales will drop).

      • Ken Elliott

        Peter, I think they will. My logic: From a sensor production standpoint, you want another model waiting in the wings that uses that sensor to maintain demand. So once D4 demand drops (to some point known only to Nikon), they will drop the D4 sensor sub-assembly into a D800 body and call it a D750. It will surely be a sellout and production demand remains level.

        • Slow Gin


        • Yes, it makes sense – my main concern is that they did not do this with the D3s and there was a long time between the D700 and D800 announcements, they could have easily done a D700s and they didn’t.

          • Pat

            Hi Peter, I thought about this long and hard, there were speculations the D3S sensor used some premium process toppings (microlenses and etc) to achieve the insane high iso performance (better than D4 on a per pixel basis). The D3S sensor might be cost prohibitive for a D700 class body.

            Also the D800 designers hinted D800 was supposed to be a summer/fall 2011 release in their interviews. So the gap between D700 and D800 was supposed to be only 3 years. (The quake and tsunami changed all that) The time gap between Oct 2010 and Summer 2011 is too short for D700S to be sqeezed in.

      • Bare

        If D4 and D800 demand drops below certain level and if production capacity at Sendai plant unused than Nikon start to produce something new there and most probably it would be D800 style body with D4 sensor inside.

  • alvix

    I’d really..really like to see a 36×24 foveon sensor…with say ..true 24mp..

    • Like there is a “true 24MP” sensor FF sensor out there now

    • john

      a ff Foveon would be stellar. I just hope Sigma provides a big and bright finder with it and the option to make a 5:4 format. A fixed lens like the DP series I would welcome if that guarantees the highest quality in image size.

  • Luigi

    Hope be like that

  • MacManX

    Now, where is the D300s replacement? The rumoured “D400”. I’m eagerly waiting for it…

  • Andy

    Both Fuji and Sony will need a new range of lenses for the FF cameras, as for Sigma I think this the most interesting development and I look forward to a true B/W sensor

  • photograher

    A 30mp full frame DP2fm with a 45mm f2.8 lens would be the best image quality device on the market short of a 80mp back… coming from a D800 and DP2m owner.

  • i. Glaser

    A D4 body with the sensor of the D800E makes much more sense…

    Whow would buy a 16MPixels D800 when he can choose between the original D800 and the D500?

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