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Samsung NX100

This video shows some of the upcoming Samsung NX products (the previous video was promptly removed): Update: the video was removed from Vimeo. One of the lenses in the video looks like the previously rumored 20-50mm f/3.5-5.6. Looking at the picture from the end of the video, the Samsung NX100 appears to be bigger than the NX10. New accessories, like […]

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Samsung promises to “change the lives of creative consumers around the world”

This is the invitation Samsung sent to the press for Photokina: I think they may be talking about the upcoming Samsung NX100 camera.

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Rumors recap

Somebody sent me this picture of Samsun NX1000. Looks different than the expected Samsung NX100. I think it’s a PS job (front LCD, WiFi and 3G?) Rumor: there will be no new professional DSLR from Canon for Photokina. The new 1DS Mk4 is currently being tested but will not be released before mid 2011. It will have […]

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Samsung’s new opto-electronic viewfinder with transparent AMOLED

This appears to be a new opto-electronic viewfinder (E-OVF) from Samsung with a transparent AMOLED component. If true, this will allow the display of electronic information in an optical viewfinder: If you remember the leaked picture of the Samsung NX100, there was a big viewfinder attached on top of the camera – maybe this is it? FYI: Samsung does […]

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This looks like the new Samsung NX100 (plus new Samsung NX lenses)

Update #2: the video was of course removed from YouTube. Update: The first camera on the video is the NX10 with the new compact zoom kit 20-50mm. There are some more new Samsung lenses in that picture: The two lenses to the right of the NX10 are: in the back the 20-50mm f/3.5-5.6 compact kit […]

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The rumored white Samsung NX100 again

The previously rumored white Samsung NX100 appeared again on dpreview. This time the image is full size. The picture was reportedly taken during a commercial shoot for the already rumored Samsung NX100. The camera on the photo is definitely different than the previously released Samsung NX10 white limited edition.

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Samsung NX100 spotted in the wild?

This is reportedly a picture of the new Samsung NX100 that was captured during a commercial shot: Source

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Samsung NX100, 3 new lenses in September

According to the Korean site Ddaily (in English) Samsung will release a new APS-C sensor based NX100 model and three new lenses on September 14, 2010 (right before Photokina). Last month Samsung NX100 listing made a brief appearance on Samsung Imaging website. Via Samsunghub

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