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Another picture of the Samsung NX20 camera

This is another image of the Samsung NX20 camera where you can see the new swivel display and the improved EVF.

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Samsung NX20 and NX210 updates

The above image was taken with the upcoming Samsung NX210 camera. I had to strip the EXIF data in order to protect my source, but here is a screenshot of the main parameters: The Samsung NX210 will be very similar to the current NX200 model ($899) but with built-in WiFi.

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Another Samsung NX20 picture

Here is another Samsung NX20 picture that shows the EVF and the 3.0-inch AMOLED swivel display. For comparison, this is the back view of the already discontinued Samsung NX10:

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This is the Samsung NX20 mirrorless camera

  Focusmedia published an article about the upcoming Samsung NX20 camera with several images and detailed specs:

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Is Samsung really preparing to announce 4 new NX cameras and a 32MP CMOS APS-C sensor?

In addition to the Samsung NX20, NX210 and NX1000, there is now talk about a fourth mirrorless camera called NX-300 that will have the same design as the NX-20 but without the EVF. The NX-300 is expected to be released in July, 2012 – this is according to a dpreview forum member who back in June of […]

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Three new Samsung NX cameras in the next three months: NX20, NX210, NX1000

Samsung could be announcing three new NX cameras in the next few months: Samsung NX210 will be the same as the NX200 but with added Wi-Fi capabilities, available in April 2012 Samsung NX20, available in May 2012 Samsung NX1000 will be a cheaper NX model, available in May, 2012

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First picture of the Samusung NX20 mirrorless camera?

This is supposed to be the first picture of the upcoming Samsung NX20 camera. More to come, stay tuned.

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Samsung NX20 announcement next month?

  I received a tip that the release date for the Samsung NX20 mirrorless camera will be in the second half of February, 2012. The camera will start shipping in April (for Asia) and May (for Europe/US). Samsung will also announce new NX lenses, flash unit and filters.

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