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And the loser is… (2014 worst camera of the year award)

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Your votes for the worst camera of the year are in and the winner is the $10,000 limited edition Hasselblad Lunar camera (Hasselblad holds that title for a second year in a row). Here are the detailed results (total number of votes – 4,990):

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Confirmed: Hasselblad closed their Italian design center

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Today Photoscala confirmed what I already reported back in May: the Italian design center in Treviso, that Hasselblad opened in 2012, has been closed. Hasselblad is probably/hopefully abandoning the idea of creating high-end re-batched Sony cameras like the Lunar, Stellar, Solar and HV models. There is still no official statement from the company.

Hasselblad Lunar Stellar camera
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Two Hasselblad Lunar cameras go under the auctioneer’s hammer for $54,500

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Some Lunar news from Hasselblad: A crowd at a charity auction in Florida couldn’t believe their eyes as two brand new Hasselblad Lunar cameras with a joint retail value of around $14,000 suddenly rocketed in value to $54,500. Two photo enthusiasts at the world-famous three day-long annual Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance exotic car festival began bidding against each […]

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New Hasselblad Lunar limited edition camera announced

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Hasselblad announced another Lunar limited edition camera. Only 200 pieces will produced. Shipping will start on January 31st and the price will be €7,200 (around $10,000). Read the press release, it’s entertaining:

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Hasselblad Lunar mirrorless camera now shipping in the US

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The Hasselblad Lunar mirrorless camera is now available in the US for the mind boggling price of $6,995.00. Even though availability is limited, don’t worry – I doubt anyone will buy the 8 cameras that are currently in stock at Amazon. Three different configurations are available – copper/bronze with mahogany grip, titanium/brown with leather grip and […]

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Hasselblad Lunar mirrorless camera launch scheduled for May 30

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A quick update on my last post: Hasselblad representatives were also present at the same Zeiss Touit event in Japan and announced the official launch dates for Lunar mirrorless cameras (the initial release was delayed). The first launch will start on May 30th in New York and then will move to Europe and Asia. This Lunar first […]

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Another Hasselblad Lunar hands-on report: “the camera immediately becomes disappointing in terms of its finish”

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A quick update to my post from yesterday – long time reader genotypewriter also had the chance to play with the new Hasselblad Lunar mirrorless camera. You can read the whole hands-on report here:

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Hasselblad Lunar spotted in the wild, first impressions published online, the questions still remains: “Why?”

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Update: see also this related post. The Australian-born photographer Brad Morris had the chance to play with the Hasselblad Lunar mirrorless camera after he ran into some guys who had the camera on the streets of Hong Kong. He shared his first impressions on Theme:

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Hasselblad Lunar mirrorless camera delayed till the summer

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AP reports that Hasselblad have delayed until the summer the release of the Lunar – their first mirrorless  interchangeable lens camera based on the Sony NEX-7. The camera was supposed to start shipping this month (April). Maybe Hasselblad realized that they will be re-introducing an almost 2 years old camera (the Sony NEX-7 came out in August, 2011) […]

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Hasselblad Lunar mirrorless camera to be rereleased next month

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AP reports that Hasselblad is on schedule to release their Lunar mirrorless interchageable lens system camera in April, 2013. The camera is basically a glorified Sony NEX-7 (which soon will be replaced) that was developed in a new design centre in Italy. Here are the camera’s basic specifications:

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