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Hasselblad Lunar spotted in the wild, first impressions published online, the questions still remains: “Why?”

Update: see also this related post. The Australian-born photographer Brad Morris had the chance to play with the Hasselblad Lunar mirrorless camera after he ran into some guys who had the camera on the streets of Hong Kong. He shared his first impressions on Theme:

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Hasselblad Lunar mirrorless camera delayed till the summer

AP reports that Hasselblad have delayed until the summer the release of the Lunar – their first mirrorless  interchangeable lens camera based on the Sony NEX-7. The camera was supposed to start shipping this month (April). Maybe Hasselblad realized that they will be re-introducing an almost 2 years old camera (the Sony NEX-7 came out in August, 2011) […]

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Hasselblad Lunar mirrorless camera to be rereleased next month

AP reports that Hasselblad is on schedule to release their Lunar mirrorless interchageable lens system camera in April, 2013. The camera is basically a glorified Sony NEX-7 (which soon will be replaced) that was developed in a new design centre in Italy. Here are the camera’s basic specifications:

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Hasselblad opens new design centre in Italy

    Hasselblad opened a new design centre in Italy following their new strategy “to gain market share in new consumer segments with products that boast exceptional design and engineering“. The first product designed in Italy was the Lunar mirrorless camera.

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Hasselblad goes into damage control mode

After being ridiculed on the Internet (somebody even came up with the term “Hasselbling” Hasselblad came out and try to defend their new Lunar mirrorless camera. In an interview with BJP, company’s representatives tried to explain their position and idea behind the Lunar:

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Hasselblad working also on a new A-mount camera

In addition to the Lunar mirrorless camera, Hasselblad is working also on a new A-mount camera (I assume it will be full frame based on the Alpha a99, after today’s announcement of partnership between Sony and Hasselblad). And if you are like me and think “the new Hasselblad mirrorless camera is so ugly, I cannot stop […]

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Breaking: Lunar is Hasselblad’s new mirrorless camera

This is the new mirrorless camera from Hasselblad called Lunar (click on images for larger view): “The Lunar is a celebration of the passion that the company’s founder Victor Hasselblad had for photography. We’ve developed this model in the traditional way, using handmade wooden prototypes to ensure superior ergonomics and functionality. This is a camera […]

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Breaking: Hasselblad will release a high-end mirrorless camera

Hasselblad is rumored to announce a high-end mirrorless camera according to DSLRMagazine which has a very good track record in “predicting” upcoming products. The direct translations is: “The new format Hasselblad will CSC, rounded shapes … A kind of luxury NEX” Back in March PhotoRumors broke the news about a possible new digital X-Pan camera announcement. Hasselblad has scheduled […]

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