First picture of the Sony based A-mount Hasselblad camera

I received the above picture today and was told that this is the upcoming Hasselblad Solar camera. The confusion is that the Solar model was supposed to be based on the Sony a7 and should look like that:

With the recent CEO change (the previous CEO Larry Hansen started this whole Sony partnership), I am questioning whether the company will continue in the future with the Sony based products that were the source of Internet jokes for months.

Here are some drawings that show the Sony based A mount camera from Hasselblad:

Hasselblad full frame camera Hasselblad-A-mount-camera

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  • aha haha

    Since this a solar system naming convention, where’s the “Uranus” model?

    • Dpablo unfiltered

      You don’t want to know…

    • GuustFlater89

      That one is special for very low light situations, put a space in the right place 😉

      Hint: (there were the sun don’t shine)

  • lama

    i want my alpha centauri version, a bulge like a99 with a crap m43 sensor

    • Dpablo unfiltered

      I want my MTV.

      • Cookiemonster

        I want cookies

  • Joe

    joke or not there are plenty of saudi princes, russian oligarchs and chinese princelings who would buy this, and they are basically the people hassey is targeting

    • Sky

      Russian Prime Minister got his own private Lunar. Perfect target group for that sort of gear.

  • Sky

    Well, looks nice. Much better than the original sketches or – heck – even better than A99. However if it’s just an A99 repack (which is extremely likely) – than there’s nothing to discuss here.

    • jk

      Sky are you a troll?
      I think many A mount shooters including me love it , I also want a F mount version of this since I think all Nikon Sony cameras are extremely ugly(they are indeed functional though).

  • Hubertus_Bigend

    Possibly Hasselblad realized that the A7 with a wooden grip was by far too much like the original, so that it would have been even more ridiculous to earnestly ask five times its price?

  • Markintosh_x

    I can imagine the price tag on this thing:) somewhere around coast of the space ship:))

  • Frank

    I think what the Shriro Group has done to the Hasselbald brand will be a case study on how NOT to market and run a company.
    Hasselblad needs to be sold to someone who has a passion for photography; someone who understands the place Hasselblad had in photographic history. Someone with the capital to fund R&D, who understands the benefit of innovation and detriment of outsourcing.
    Until then, the Shriro Group will continue to destroy the brand by traveling down this destructive path.

    • El Aura

      Shiro hasn’t been running the company anymore since June 2011 when they sold it to a private equity firm (Ventizz). The Lunar was announced in September 2012.

  • Global

    Wow, that top picture looks AWFUL and CHEAP. God, and I thought Nikon made silver plastic look bad on the Df — this Hassy just looks terrible.

    Worse than their wooden models.

  • Vin

    This looks more like a crazy cross between Nikon D610, and mirrorless? And will this be the Sony/Nikon 24mp or 36mp.
    I am way more interested in how big the new medium format sensor is?

  • saywhatuwill

    I actually don’t see anything wrong with the way it looks. It actually appears functional. Unfortunately the price will be stratospheric.

  • Neopulse

    If this camera uses a translucent mirror system, it’ll be interesting. If it’s meant to dig into the 3:2 sensor market that the Leica S seems to be the only one running then by all means go for it Hasselblad. Although it’s using an A-mount lens that would suggest it being a 35mm. Would be great to see Hasselblad create a more affordable 3:2 medium format sensor system in comparison to Leica with their superb optics to boot.

  • jk

    what is it ?
    I mean what was the base model ? is it A99 or A7r?

    • Neopulse

      A99 obviously

  • jk

    the A99v like camera looks so handsome, I want one so badly.

  • peevee


  • Narretz

    The !7 based cameras was never even rumored, it was a joke that some people didn’t understand. The pic is fake.

  • Timmy

    The top picture looks A99 based, I actually don’t think the top camera looks to bad at all.

  • Mike

    Thought that looked familiar.

    • Neopulse


  • Alaa

    Wow, for a moment I thought I was looking at that APS-based SLR camera released by Nikon in the late 1990s (can’t remember what was it called), hooked up to a bulky zoom

    • camaman

      You mean Nikon DF?
      God was I disapointed when I held one. Talk about plastic 90′ feel and look.
      Thats not retro Nikon thats jus tacky

      • Alaa

        Sorry, as of now I have yet to examine a Nikon Df

  • Ahmad Al-Joboori

    please stick with this color hasselblad, enough with the humiliation.

  • Ahmad Al-Joboori

    please stick with this color hasselblad, enough with the humiliation.

  • Jun

    I thought it was Hasselblad version of RX10. I guess not.

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