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First Canon mirrorless camera specs

Here are the first set of specs for the rumored Canon mirrorless camera: Two cameras G1 X sensor size APS-C a possibility in one camera 14 & 24 megapixels EF compatibility, but not EF mount EVF on one camera 3-5 lenses announced at launch If those specs turn out to be true, Canon’s solution will […]

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Canon mirrorless camera concept

A reader sent me his concept renderings of a Canon mirrorless camera. I like the idea of the EVF being mounted over the hot shoe. For more images visit davidriesenberg.com. Canon is the last hope for a full frame mirrorless camera, otherwise I think we have to wait few years until the next generation of mirrorless cameras. As […]

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The latest patents from Canon and Panasonic

Canon patents for a 400mm f/4, 200mm f/5.6, 300mm f/4 lenses. The next Canon patent is for a 18-45mm f/3.5-5.6 lens for a APS-C mirrorless camera:

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Any idea what this Canon lens cap is for?

A reader sent me this picture of what appears to be a smaller Canon lens cap. Does anyone have an idea what kind of Canon product uses this type? The size looks like 2/3 of a regular Canon lens cap. Could this be for Canon’s mirrorless system? Update: this is a rear cap from a […]

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Canon promises mirrorless camera system for 2012 (updated)

Update: Reuters now has a better translation of the interview. In an interview with DCWatch, Canon executive confirmed that they will be releasing a new mirrorless interchangeable lens camera in 2012. The Google translation is not very clear, but the bottom line is that Canon will not sacrifice quality  in order to achieve smaller camera size. Anyone got a better translation?

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Canon is planning something big for November 3rd

Canon is planning a “historic global announcement” on November 3rd, 2011 in Hollywood. What could it be? Maybe a 4k camera? Or a new DSLR with some mind blowing video features? Could it be Canon’s mirrorless solution? Via Engadget

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Canon’s mirrorless camera survey

Canon send out a survey with questions about a compact interchangeable lens digital camera:

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New Canon mirrorless camera adapter patent

Canon filed a patent 2011-107255 in Japan for a mount adapter with a built-in aperture. The adapter will have  means of communication between the camera and the lens. The aperture in the adapter can be controlled electronically. The camera body on the diagram resembles some kind of  a mirrorless solution.

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