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Adobe CS5.5 price going up on April 27th?

PhotographyBay reported that the price of the newly announced Adobe CS5.5 could be going up on April 27th. If you have purchased the previous version CS5 on or after March 10th, 2011 you will be eligible for a free upgrade to CS5.5. That also means that if you buy CS5 by April 27, you can avoid the […]

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Olympus to continue producing E-series cameras, promises new PEN products

In a recent interview in China, Akira Watanabe from Olympus reassured that they will continue to produce their single and double digits E-series product line (E-5 and E-30). The three digit models are/will be replaced by the PEN m4/3 camera line. There were some conflicting statements in the past from Olympus, indicating that they could stop producing full size DSLR […]

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Pentax starts new camera teaser campaign

At a Chinese trade show, Pentax showed a teaser of an upcoming camera, covered by a black cloth. Reportedly, the new product is suppose to be “more important” than a regular point and shoot camera. Pentax is expected to release two new interchangeable lenses compact cameras this summer, one will be mirrorless (NC-1) and the other will […]

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The new Sony NEX flash

Two more pictures of the previously leaked Sony NEX flash appeared from the same source on dpreview. No further specs are available.

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The next generation Sony Exmor sensor

Sony showed a prototype of a new CMOS sensor. Here are some of the specs: 17.7MP effective pixels 19.3MP full pixels 120 fps @ 12 bit or 60 fps @ 14 bit pixels pitch: 4.2 x 4.2μm size: 24.3 × 12.8mm (diagonal: 27.5mm) low power consumption reduced rolling shutter during video recording production date not yet disclosed

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First picture of the Sony a35 camera is also out

From the same source who leaked the NEX C3 pictures, here is the first image of the Sony a35 camera. Few weeks ago, the a35 briefly appeared on Sony’s website. The a33 model has already been discontinued, so the a35 announcement should be coming soon.

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First images of the Sony NEX C3 camera

A dpreview forum member published several pictures of the upcoming Sony NEX C3 camera (some of the images were already removed). The new NEX will have a 16.2MP sensor and will support 720p HD video (not full HD). The exact date of the announcement is not known, but is expected to be somewhere in May. A new […]

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Fujifilm X100 firmware 1.01 is out

As previously reported, FujiFilm released the first firmware 1.01 update for the X100 camera today. There seems to be only one minor fix in this update, but there are already speculations online about other “hidden” fixes: If the images are shot with ISO Bracketing mode when “QUICK START MODE”(*1) is set to “ON” and turn off the […]

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