Fuji’s upcoming mirrorless camera will be all black

Another leaked picture of the upcoming mirrorless interchangeable lens camera from Fuji (see more pictures here).

You can clearly see the camera grip on the right site.

The name of the new camera will be X1 or LX10. Fuji uses different models for their prototype models - the X10 was initially called X50.

The new camera is expected to be shown at the PMA show next week and officially announced in February.

See also the previously leaked pictures here. The camera will have a proprietary mount. According to Fuji's representative the "resolution and low noise will surpass the 35mm full size sensor".

The above picture was originally posted on omuser.com but it seems that it is removed now.

Update: several websites today published an old mockup of the Fuji camera that was created by Jon Kerburger. There are few other mockups that are very close to the real design.

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  • fants

    Is it me or does that sensor look smaller than APS-C?

    • AnnoyingOrange

      It looks like APS-C size to me unless the whole body and mount is really small. The sensor is almost along the sides of the mount.

      • z

        The pin is exactly the same as m43 but what bugs me is the lens release button which is nex-styled in the mid-bottom of the camera.. IS IT NEX43? 😀

    • broxibear

      It’s just the angle, put it the right way round and it looks full frame http://i.imgur.com/Dtbwr.jpg

  • D

    All I can say is that my Amazon Nex7 pre-order is in real danger of canellation!

    • MJr

      You mean the order will be canned ? 😉 Good riddance !

  • Jeff R


    • I’ll do that in a heartbeat. Thanks in advance, you’re so kind person!

  • Nobody

    I fcuking wannit ‘n I wannit now!!!

  • Mike

    If its full frame, I will be as giddy as a school girl.

    • MJr

      Looks like people already are ( even tho it clearly isn’t ).

  • sflxn

    Awesome! Fuji is finally following in Leica’s step. NO ONE wants to walk around with a camera that shouts “look at me, steal me!” Black camera, black lens, no one pays attention.

    • Liam

      Totally disagree with you there. I hate the all black and hope they don’t do it. The X100 is a beautiful camera, and doesn’t shout “steal me!” anymore than any other camera, especially DSLRs. It’s a gorgeous retro look that I hope Fuji keeps going with. That all black nonsense reminds of when you could only buy PCs in beige. Thank god we finally got over that, and I hope we soon get over the all black, fake leather pattern plastic that they’ve been sticking us with for the last 15 years.

      • JG10

        Looks like it will be all black to me. Would prefer some silver but all black is not bad. But that grip- if it is similar to the first linked mockup it looks out of place. I don’t like it. I much prefer the aesthetics of the second linked mock up, without a grip on the front.

      • cyberprimate

        The X100 looks great on the web. But pretty dull in reality. The chrome grey doesn’t look as nice as the 50’s-60’s look. It just doesn’t compare with old Leica cosmetically.

    • newoldmate

      What i wanna know is where the hell are all these people going who are always so concerned about theft? Take care of your gear and not leave it laying about where it can be seen and it won’t get stolen. If your so worried about your gear being stolen, move or avoid the ghetto.

  • hexx

    hmm, what’s that rubber above the lens mount? or is it part of the top plate?

    • MJr

      Rubber ? hah funny guy. That’s just the cruddy paint-job (bad lighting rly).

      • hexx

        oh, ok then, looks like rubber, like the same material used on the grip – don’t like it either way

  • Just checked the pins on my GH2, the size of the mount and if you ask me, this is m4/3 camera. The only thing that bug me is the lens release button.

    • camerageek

      From previous leaks and what Fuji has stated in the past, this is not a micro four turd camera

      • correct, not a m4/3 camera for sure

        • lynn

          looks like hybrid evf again

          • lynn

            meant hybrid vf

        • Anders

          If the previous rumor about the sensor size being 1.7 x 1.2 thumbs (meaning inches) is true that would make this a 43 x 30 mm sensor – thus surpassing full frame (36 x 24 mm) in size!
          I for one am hoping for a bright fu(ji)ture …

  • BTW, has anyone Photoshop CS5? It would be interesting to see the size of viewfinder compared to size of mount.This would tell a lot.

  • totalreader

    sure it’s m43… new Oly with fuji organic sensor.

    • _M_

      Eh… In my dreams surely it is.

    • it will be interesting if the new Fuji camera will take an adapter for M lenses, add focus peeping and many Leica owners will buy it

      • lynn

        not if they make it apsc.

        • MJr

          I guess that’s why the NEX and that Ricoh thing are so popular with M lens owners. Because apsc is just not good enough right ? Sure full-frame would be preferred, but we’re just not there yet. Sure Leica did it, but they don’t have to worry about the retail price, but fuji does, and the M9 really isn’t that small either.

          • seb

            Really that popular ? I mean if you look away of the magnifying loupe of internet camera geek website, like in the street ?

            I personnaly do, even if don’t think i’m a part of a vast majority, mostly because i can’t afford a digital M (and because nex line really lacks of fast wide prime). But APS-c is boring me (for a backup M body), i can’t stand having my wide prime becoming not so wide.

            So now i’m waiting for an affordable M FF digital body. But i could be tempted by an aps-c system more aimed to fast prime than to hudge and slow zoom, with loads of external control, and this fuji maybe the solution (finally, an aperture control ring ! Dam you panasonic, why did you buried it with your 4/3 bodie ?)

          • MJr

            Well, isn’t that what i just said ? 😉
            Considering how many people even own M lenses, i don’t think there is a ‘vast majority’ to speak of, so yes i’d say popular. Every M/zeiss/voigtlander lens owner i speak to seems to hava a NEX (including you). Not saying it is ideal tho, certainly not. But saying that it won’t sell because of it is just not true, because it will (again, including you). Which lynn’s genius comment ‘not if they make it apsc.’ implied otherwise.

          • lynn

            hmmm… if this mister is so smart. then if instead of apsc they shrink the sensor to make it even more affordable and popluar for high sales, why not make the sensor smaller then the nikon j1/v1 and have it sell 10x as much as apsc??? thats what he just said 🙂

      • lynn

        and how to focus peek on hybrid optical vf?

        • we are not sure if the new Fuji will have hybrid VF

          • MJr

            That would be such a mistake, as that is their biggest selling point, the VF being the most important part of this type of camera, and not to mention they’re the only ones that have this hybrid technology (ready). They’ll be foolish not to use the main element that has made the X100 famous.

          • Well, they did not use the hybrid VF in the X10 and the camera is still very popular.

          • MJr

            Because it is half the price and very different in operation. The VF is a 85% view scope, it’s an aid, it’s not a KEY factor. Both share the same mentality for quality, looks and control which isn’t found elsewhere, thus made it popular still, but the X10 and X100 as a system are not at all alike. The X100 built around the Hybrid VF, the X10 built around the same idea of quality and control in a smaller package for a bargain.

        • camerageek


  • Vince

    Man, too bad this little mama is going to undoubtedly be expensive. I’d definitely consider this as my first non-DSLR body. With the developments Fuji has made in their sensors in the last 18 months, it’ll surely be a high quality imager (sensor size not withstanding).

  • sflxn

    I really need Fuji to give some details next week instead of just showing off the camera to select members of the press. I need to know whether to cancel my NEX 7 preorder or not. Fuji, give me some details!

    • MJr

      Yes CANCEL it ! ( but not because of this fuji )

    • camerageek

      You are waiting for an announcement to make your decision on a camera? You need a life and to realize that the NEX-7 is an excellent camera, and that the Fuji LX or whatever it will be called will just be as excellent, but will be unobtanium for the better part of a year after it hits shelves (likely 2-6 months after announcement) while the NEX-7 will be readily available. Every time I read someone say this it makes me wonder if they even own a camera at all…

      • MJr

        That is just weird, why wouldn’t he be allowed to wait for something that could just be the better choice. You may be excited about the NEX, but no camera is perfect and the NEX-7 surely isn’t. If anyone can afford to wait it’s somebody who indeed owns a camera. (Best picture taken with the camera you have with you and all that). ‘You need a life’ .. seriously ? I don’t think you have your head on straight.

        • camerageek

          I think you misunderstood what I meant. I find folks that are always waiting for the next best thing to be always waiting and not shooting. Stop waiting, get a camera and go shoot. Yeah he has no life because he is always waiting. I could care less if he uses a NEX-7, Fuji LX, or a Holga modified to take a phase back! Stop announcing “Should I cancel X to wait for Y” on the internet and go shoot!

          You need your head examined for encouraging him

      • hexx

        I’d wait. I’ve been waiting for NEX-7 to come out for long time. I wasn’t sure if I should get X100 or NEX-7. I bought X100 in the end 🙂

        I just hope that this system will use proper manual focus and aperture will be still set on the aperture ring around the lens (I prefer this).

        Also another tip for Fuji – please invest few bucks and implement larger buffer, X100’s one is a joke.

    • JG10

      If you’ve got the money for the Nex 7 you’ll have the money for this- and with the rumored sensor and good looks I think I’d rather have this. Not even close. Plus, while the Fuji lens line up will probably only be a few lenses at launch it will undoubtedly be a much more well thought out line up. The Nex line up is garbage. Great cameras, awful lenses. Sony has really let down Nex users in that regard.

  • MJr

    LOL this is such a obvious -approved by fuji for accidental leak- teaser image. But still, thanks Fuji =D

    • Camaman

      Correct, just look at the intentional blur… 😛

  • Wt21

    This will drive down the price of the NEX7. Its all goodness.

    • Nosode

      I honestly do not see what this camera has in common with the NEX-7.

      These are different beasts. The Fuji is a rangefinder like camera that will accept (as far as I understand) only prime lenses. It has an optical (hybrid?) viewfinder. If you want to compare it with another camera that would be the Leica m8.2 or m9.

      • Nathan

        It’s not a rangefinder. It’s rangefinder styled, but is not a rangefinder camera because it has a viewfinder, not a rangefinder. A rangefinder has two viewfinder windows on the front, one of them superimposes on the other inside the main viewfinder and is presented in that fashion to the viewer. When the two images line up, the camera is focused at the distance of the object lined up in the viewfinder.
        They’re simple and fast to focus but they generally (Contax G2 as an exception) do not feature autofocus.
        The X100 also is not a rangefinder, but an EVIL or ILC camera similar to PEN or NEX.

        • MJr

          He did say rangefinder-“like” … 🙂

        • Cass R

          Funny, I definitely wouldn’t call the x100 a rangefinder, but neither is it an “Electronic Viewfinder Interchangeable Lens” camera or an “Interchangeable Lens Camera.”

          • MJr

            Hah that’s right, didn’t even catch that. That’s even worse than saying Rangefinder ! 🙂

      • Anon

        the fuji has much more in common with the nex7 than a leica. first and foremost, the fuji is not a rangefinder. the lens cannot be focused manually via the viewfinder unless it is a hybrid viewfinder, which it does not seem to be (I could be wrong). like the nex7, the fuji can be used p&s style with the screen to manually focus. fuji is only making prime lenses for it (that we know of, so far) but that doesn’t mean that it only uses prime lenses. like the nex7, the possibilities are nearly endless for attaching older slr and even other rangefinder lenses, since the flange distance of the fuji is so short. If you get a leica mount and a lens, you can only use the viewfinder to compose (and probably not even that unless it is within the range of the viewfinder and you can somehow tell the camera its focal length), you will have to scale focus unless you’re using the lcd. of course with m mount lenses, there is no automatic diaphragm so you will have to focus wide open if you want as much accuracy as possible (otherwise it will be harder to tell).

        • MJr

          I think you’re getting too technical. He may or may not know it is no true rangefinder), but he probably just meant the Leica mentality, and i must agree with that point. The fact that only primes are mentioned on the roadmap says enough. This Fuji is just no comparison to a feature-packed 24MP box from the same company that made our BluRay player and flatscreen TV”s (and it’s menus). They both take lenses, have no mirror, apsc, and the VF in the same corner, but that is about it with the resemblance.

          • JG10

            Fuji has only announced primes so far? AWESOME! They get it! And I bet they’ll be fairly compact. The Sony lens lineup for the Nex is garbage.

    • camerageek

      I highly doubt that as Fuji is with this product targeting Leica’s users i.e. a niche market rather than a more general enthusiast market like the NEX-7. I expect it to cost more than the NEX-7 but less than an a M (probably not much more than say a used M8 or Epson R-D1x (around $2000-2500 USD).

      • MJr

        It’s not going to cost anything more than one can get a full-frame SLR for. Not the body alone at least.

        • JG10

          Rumored cost body alone is like $1,500. Ouch!


    • Camaman

      …he says lowering his right hand down in his trousers…

      • grayscale

        I’d shoot him the grips for one of these!

  • Ozbaz

    The important issue will be the number and quality of lenses. The sony nex system has had some time to both release their own e mount lenses and now third part lenses and adapters are available. Fuji make great lenses so let’s hope the have a couple of good quality fast primes on release of the camera and perhaps a m mount adapter. I must admit I was about to order a nex 7 but I gave decided to hold off and see what fuji announces. Fuji have a great photographic history of producing slightly left of field cameras. Who knows they might surprise us and the camera can take ultraviolet and infrared pictures! Now that would be cool

  • d

    Anyone else think that grip looks kind of cheap/ugly?

    • hexx

      yes, very ugly. it would be so much nicer if it’s X100 like design or something in the line with old FM or FE cameras

      • cyberprimate

        I hope that handgrip whether it’s rubber or plastic is removable. It looks awful.

        • JG10

          Agree, that grip looks terrible and out of place. Really hope it’s something far more subtle like the one on the X100.

          • hexx

            I don’t find grip on X100 bad at all. Maybe this new grip is there to remedy balance situation with larger lenses (if there will be any) otherwise I never felt that I need better grip on my X100.

  • Erational

    Knowing now what supply problems Fuji has had with the X100 and X10, I urge all of you NOT to buy this upcoming camera. Don’t buy it so I can get one. Keep your NEX7 orders intact. Nothing to see here people- move along.

    • camerageek


  • Huggs

    I hope the lenses won’t be too big (that would defeat compactness) and the menus too complicated. Can’t wait!

  • joysic

    the grip just look like with TX2

  • MiTaka

    The image shouts loud, I am a render. Not saying its fake, just not a photo.
    Otherwise brief introduction next Monday, maybe no full specs sheet. Late February introduction, with april-may release dates.

    • hexx

      nope, not a render

    • hexx

      “Late February introduction, with april-may release dates” – which would mean you might get one just in time for Christmas 😀

  • Seb

    I’ve pasted this new leak over my old lousy photoshop, and, if the ovf is the same size as the x100, as precise as a photoshop work based on tiny blurry leaked picture can be, this is an APS-C sensor (in green, aps-h sensor):

    (and a quick render, with a nex mount and a contax G2 grip: http://uppix.net/e/9/9/249c6791f4e53a48a846c32773f9a.html )

  • Have the X100
    Have the X100
    Will have to get the X50
    Thank heck it’s not Leica. $$$$

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