What to expect at Photokina

The last few weeks have been very busy with information and rumors on new product announcements for the 2012 Photokina show, Here is a quick recap:











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  • Gimme D600

    Wow, still no FF for Pentax users if K-3 is said to be APS-C.

    The D6oo is set to steal the show then!

    • D600 to steal the show? Pssh, a99 all the way :L

  • Woah now. So, you’re predicting the 3Dx and 7DII will be out at photokina?

    This could be interesting.


    • D400

      Thats exactly what I thought!

    • D400

      Its not on canon rumors either, Peter must know somthing canon rumors doesn’t know

      • ask jeeves

        time will tell.

        I personally don’t see canon releasing a 7dII at photokina especially not with those specs.

        • Why not? Seems like a spot-on assessment to me..


    • Those are the only Canon rumors I could find. I cannot believe that they will not announce at least one new DSLR.

      • Probably because CR pales in comprison. 😡

  • twitch

    I’m a pentax shooter, so that list makes for very depressing reading. Still no FF for k-mount yet Nikon and Canon and even Sony get yet more new FF options.

    • befocus

      the Pentax FF is said to be announced in march 2013.
      Also russian pentax dealer says that we could wait nine announcements of new products next week, so there will be even lenses or other bodies in addition to those in the list here

    • D400

      Switch to Nikon!!

    • Pablo Ricasso

      That 560 f5.6 is something I had been saying someone should make. I’ll be really glad to see it if someone did.

  • CRB

    No news from Ricoh?

    • Tim Cadman

      I know right…

    • No, could not find anything – there were some rumors that Ricoh will introduce a new compact B&W only digital camera, but I have not heard any updates on that.

  • Estraiquer

    Well, a 3D x is not surprising because Canon has been working on a full-frame 44,2mp sensor (7680×5760 resolution) with huge dynamic range (14-15 stops). If CR says 46mp it must be a typo, some sort of electronic stabilization for video or even an indicator of a huge array of on-sensor AF points.

  • Tim Cadman

    How about Ricoh, haven’t heard a peep except for that GPS capability cam???

  • KID

    Why only one lens for the Nikon 1 system. A 50mm and 85mm equiv. would really get some attention and boost a system with great potential. And why f1.8 and not 1.4 when Nikon said they were capible of < f1.0?

  • brony etr

    the sony a99 looks very tasty. looking forward to what haselblad and leica bring as well

  • Nam Dang Quoc

    No film scanner news? Plustek Opticfilm 120 or sth like that 🙁
    Leica M10 is hard to release this photokina because Monochrome is still hot.

    • The Monochrom is hot, but the M9 is not – they need new blood to keep the sales up.

      • Nam Dang Quoc

        I hope so 🙂
        As a Leica M9P user, I will consider to buy a M9-M but I would NOT if I could get a M10 or M10P to replace my M9.

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